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Professional Soft Washing & Pressure Washing in Lenoir & the Surrounding Areas!

When you need premium pressure washing for your Lenoir home or business, who are you gonna call? Grime Busters, LLC! As a family-owned and operated local business, Grime Busters, LLC is a small but devoted team of pro pressure washers on a mission to provide excellent pressure washing and soft washing services throughout Lenoir and the surrounding areas. Joshua Wilson started Grime Busters, LLC after years of working in professional pressure washing and hazardous/industrial cleaning, and that seasoned expertise shows in all of our work.

Our options are affordably priced, our customer service is unmatched, and our cleaning is impeccable. We settle for nothing short of five-star work and total customer satisfaction every time. From big commercial property cleaning jobs to simple home pressure washing services like driveway washing and fence washing, Grime Busters, LLC is proud to be of service. We have high-grade equipment and EPA-approved, biodegradable cleaning detergents at our disposal, allowing us to tackle heavy-duty clean-up jobs with ease and help wash out stains that many homeowners struggle with removing, such as motor oil, hard water deposits, or red clay stains.

If one or more of our pressure washing services fit what you're looking for for your home, please get in touch with us to request a free quote. You can make the request through the link on our site or by simply calling us at 828-394-9532.

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Why Choose Grime Busters, LLC?

When you work with Grime Busters, LLC, you get:

  • A devoted team of seasoned professionals with years of pressure washing experience between them
  • High-quality, commercial-grade cleaning equipment and detergents
  • Affordable rates and flexibility with scheduling allow us to mold a custom cleaning that matches your needs
  • A mobile pressure washing system for construction site jobs, solar panel cleaning, or work in areas where running water isn't available
  • Open and helpful communication from start to finish, keeping you updated as we go along and helping us ensure that we meet all your needs to your satisfaction
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When it comes to taking care of old exterior stains, choosing professional pressure washing is one of the best things you can do for your property. With thousands of PSI at our disposal, we can clean stains off of delicate areas with the careful application of soft washing, or turn up the pressure to blast gnarly stains out of tough surfaces like concrete and pavement.

We also assess each property we clean and choose detergents that are best designed to combat the mess on hand. If you've got a mold or algae problem, we use antimicrobial cleaners that kill invasive organic growths and their spores. Greasy stains from gasoline and motor oil can be cleaned up with the application of a degreaser. If you've got iron oxide stains from rusty metal or red clay, an acidic-based cleaner can be used to break the bonds between the rust and the surface. With endless cleaning options at our disposal, our pressure washing can help you greatly reduce or even completely remove surface stains from your property!

We strive to make eco-friendly choices every day on the job to keep our work safe for our clients and the environment alike. Pressure washing actually uses lower concentrations of caustic chemicals than many exterior cleaning techniques like chemical treatments do, reducing the environmental impact our cleaning causes. The detergents that we do use are all EPA-approved and designed for biodegradability and easy clean-up as well. We live in a beautiful part of the country, and we do our part to keep our community lush and vibrant by offering an eco-safe clean and keeping toxic chemicals out of the environment.

While we ask that people and pets be kept out of the area while the cleaning is in progress, they are free to play once we're done. That's because, in addition to picking the most eco-friendly cleaners we have at our disposal, we thoroughly rinse down our cleaning areas and dispose of wastewater so that no trace residues of our cleaning chemicals linger around your property. If you prefer to be cautious as some do, you may choose to give the area a couple of hours to dry out, but rest assured that we are committed to safety and consideration in our work- we don't consider our job until the area is clean and safe for everyone.

This is a great question we hear from a lot of homeowners of all stripes, and we've got good news- the answer is, not all that often. House washing once or twice a year is sufficient in most cases, and it can be done throughout most of the year as long as the weather is dry and not too cold. However, the spring and the fall are the "sweet spot" times we recommend most people try to schedule their house washing. If you're considering having your house washed sometime soon, get in touch with us and request a free quote and assessment first!

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