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About Grime Busters, LLC - Your Trusted Lenoir Pressure Washer


When you need a pro pressure washer for your Lenoir home or business, who you gonna call? Grime Busters, LLC! Our mission is to provide an efficient and affordable pressure washing and soft washing service to the communities of Lenoir, NC as well as other surrounding areas. We protect residential homes and commercial dwellings from commonly detected organic growth, such as algae and mold, and common stains like oil stains and red clay stains on or around your homes. This not only keeps your property attractive and inviting but prevents aging and deterioration too.

Joshua Wilson, our owner and operator, has 6 years of pressure washing experience, working in hazardous and industrial cleaning fields before starting Grime Busters, LLC. This expertise goes a long way toward ensuring consistent great work for our clients. After all, it's important that your pressure washer knows the right way to take care of your property! From jobs as simple as fence cleaning to ones as big and complex as new construction clean-up, Josh and his expert team are ready to take on any pressure washing challenge you've got!

If you're looking for a driven, efficient pro pressure washer to clean your Lenoir-area home or business, Grime Busters, LLC is the way to go. Want to learn a bit more? Just give us a call at 828-394-9532 or fill out our form online to request a free quote. You're just a phone call away from the most superior and sublime pressure washing in Lenoir.

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