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Steeple Cleaning & Church Exterior Washing In Lenoir

Steeple cleaning

Steeples are magnificent and imposing structures, but unfortunately, the challenge of cleaning them is imposing as well. If your Lenoir property features a steeple, Grime Busters, LLC can take great care of it with our steeple cleaning.

In our efforts to provide the best pressure washing for Lenoir homes and businesses, we strive to take on the tough cleaning tasks most people can't take on by themselves. Steeple cleaning is a tricky task, but it's one we're up for. If you need steeple cleaning for your building, let us know and ask for a free quote for our work by either calling us directly at 828-394-9532 or filling out the form on our website.

Church Exterior Washing

Steeple cleaning is uniquely intimidating. Roof cleaning itself is a tricky enough job already, and steeples are...well, steep. Many of these structures that have steeples may be older, and thus need more cautious cleaning as they age.

To ensure we keep safe while we work, our technicians are equipped with cutting-edge cleaning equipment and extensive safety gear. Naturally, we are fully insured, but our years of pressure washing and industrial cleaning experiences have also taught us the savviest, most careful, and precisest approaches to cleaning difficult structures such as your steeple. We stick with the mildest concentrations of detergents needed to get our steeple cleaning done and use biodegradable, eco-friendly options that don't discolor your steeple or leave behind harsh residue.

Steeples and the structures they inhabit are designed to inspire an air of dignity and majesty. Whether your property is a house of worship, an educational institution, a civic hall, or another prominent structure, we promise to treat it with care and respect and help it achieve its full majestic potential.

Commercial Building Washing

No matter what your property is built from, it needs the occasional washing up to keep its exteriors safe from deterioration and staining. When having your structure assessed for roof or steeple cleaning, don't neglect the walls that lie below your roof as well. Has it been over a year since your building was last cleaned, or are you noticing dark stains beginning to form on the sidings? If you answered yes to either question, it's high time you scheduled a building washing for your structure as well. We customize our cleaning approach to best fit each individual property we work on, ensuring a safe but very thorough and detail-oriented cleaning.

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