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Lenoir Relies On Grime Busters, LLC For Best Pressure Washing Services


Let Grime Busters, LLC rejuvenate your Lenoir home or business with our extensive list of pressure washing and soft washing offerings! From your roof to your walkways and driveways, every part of your property's exterior needs a proper deep cleaning at least once annually. Still, that's a lot of work that many don't have the time to spare or the expertise to accomplish. Our mission is to provide efficient and affordable cleaning services for properties in the Lenoir area and put smiles on our clients' faces. Rest assured, your property is in good hands when you've got Grime Busters, LLC on the job.

We work on both residential and commercial properties, and even offer some specialized pressure washing services such as steeple cleaning and solar panel washing for unique properties. We also offer a dedicated red clay stain removal service, as many Lenoir locals know the pain of trying to get those rust-red stains out of their properties' surfaces. We do all of this with friendly, personable customer service and at affordable rates, so customers can have their properties cleaned without breaking the bank. Before you book any service, though, you can request a free estimate by either calling us at 828-394-9532 or filling out the form via the link on our website!

Lenoir's Leaders In Quality Roof Cleaning

If you've noticed dark streaks or stains forming your roof, we've got a bit of bad news. You've unwittingly become a host to an unwanted guest- black algae. Black algae doesn't just cause nasty stains, however. It eats right through crucial components of asphalt shingles, traps excess heat in your roof, and promotes the growth of even more harmful organic life like lichen and moss.

It's time to tell algae that it's not welcome on your home. When you need a dependable roof cleaning for your Lenoir home on the double, call Grime Busters, LLC. Our specialized soft washing might be easy on your shingles, but it spells doom for algae, mold, and other unwanted roof mess. It's time to take your roof back with us!

Expert House Washing Service In Lenoir

Your Lenoir home works 24/7, 365 days a year to protect you and your family from the elements. Unfortunately, those elements take a toll on every part of your home's exterior, including your sidings. Even if your home isn't splattered with large stains, the gradual buildup of grime will slowly dull your home's facade and eventually lead to the deterioration of its surface materials. As long as you have your home washed once or twice a year, though, you can keep the mess from overstaying its welcome and improve your home's appearance or integrity. If you'd like to know our rates or get a quote for our house washing, call us today.

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