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Lenoir's Experienced Residential Pressure Washing Pros

Lenoir locals in need of top-of-the-line residential pressure washing can depend on Grime Busters, LLC to take good care of their homes! We aim to provide efficient and affordable residential pressure washing and soft washing services for homes throughout Lenoir and the surrounding areas, and put smiles on local homeowners' faces!

Let's face it- there's a lot to do when it comes to keeping your home clean, especially around its exterior. Organic growth like algae and mold and common stains like dirt, grime, oil, and red clay are a fact of life that homeowners have to contend with, but cleaning these stains and blemishes off of every part of your home can be a tall order, especially when cleaning hard-to-reach areas like your roof and gutters.

Professional residential pressure washing is a great resource for homeowners to have, as it gives them an easy way to have their homes safely and expertly cleaned without having to stress out or burn through their spare time. Grime Busters, LLC maintains high standards of precision, professionalism, and communication to ensure our customers get outstanding customer service and spotless cleaning for their homes. Peruse our residential pressure washing services here, and if any of these fit what you're looking for for your home, reach out and get a free quote at 828-394-9532 or by following the link on our website!

House washing

House Washing

When weathering and grime have made your house look glum, let the Lenoir pressure washing pros liven it back up! Our house washing removes stains and blemishes, brightens your sidings, and boosts your home's curb appeal.

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Roof cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Shingle stains are ugly to look at and bad for your roof, but they're also tricky to clean, due to their hard-to-reach position. Let us take care of your roof by expertly soft washing the stains away.

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Driveway cleaning

Driveway Washing

Grease stains and drippy spots from vehicular fluids can mar an otherwise clean driveway and tend to be tricky to clean up. When your driveway needs a bit of a makeover, our driveway washing can help take care of even the toughest stains.

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Sidewalk cleaning

Sidewalk Cleaning

Organic growth and pollution can make sidewalks messy, slippery, and contaminated with bacteria and spores. Our sidewalk cleaning flushes out stains and sanitizes the surface of your walkways.

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Gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

When leaves and debris clog your gutters, don't hesitate to clean them up! We'll climb up there, empty those gutters, unclog your downspouts, and have them as good as new in no time.

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Deck cleaning

Deck Washing

Proper cleaning and maintenance can prevent your deck from aging and decay, preserving it as a relaxing outdoor space for you and your family for years to come. Freshen up your home's outdoor living spaces with our deck washing today.

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Fence cleaning

Fence Washing

When your home's fences have lost their luster, count on us to get them clean again. We use high-grade equipment and biodegradable detergents for an eco-friendly clean that's perfect for your backyard.

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Soft washing

Soft Washing

While not all home surfaces can be pressure washed, we can utilize soft washing to clean the more delicate areas around your home. If you need help cleaning windows, detailing, or other delicate features of your home's exterior, ask about our soft washing services.

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Red clay stain removal

Red Clay Stain Removal

With its high iron oxide content, red clay stains can be very tricky to get rid of. We use careful and precise concentrations of EPA-approved, acidic-based cleaners to break the bonds between the rusty red stains and your home's surfaces for a stainless home exterior.

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Solar panel cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

There are many questions about the efficacy and usefulness of solar panel cleaning. But the truth is that your solar panels get dirty. There's no way around dirty solar panels. The best option for increasing the electrical output of your solar panels is to engage in solar panel cleaning.

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