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Fence Washing To Best Maintain Your Lenoir Property

Fence cleaning

Before you break out the BBQ grill and set up the hammock this year, make sure your backyard is looking just the way you like it! It's hard to enjoy your home's outdoor areas if they're not well-maintained, and if your Lenoir home's fence is looking under the weather, don't let it slide- shape it up with Grime Busters, LLC' fence washing service! Even the most pristine fences can become coated with a nasty layer of grass stains, dirt, algae, mildew, bird droppings, and other mess. There's no need for your fence to stay in such a shape, though- our fence washing will restore it and help it look lovely again!

When winter thaws and spring comes to town, that's a perfect time to schedule a fence cleaning. However, we're here anytime to help you when you choose to schedule one. If you'd like a free quote for our work, please fill out the form on our website or call us at 828-394-9532. Grime Busters, LLC will be waiting to treat you to the best pressure washing for Lenoir homes.

Wood & Vinyl Fence Cleaning

Our fence washing is carefully tailored to suit the makeup and condition of your fences. Using either standard pressure washing or soft washing, we meticulously wash your fence down slat by slat from top to bottom until they are mess-free.

Your backyard is both a delicate ecosystem and a personal space for your family, so we clean with the utmost care and respect. The detergents we use for our fence washing jobs are eco-friendly. They're biodegradable and designed to break down and wash away easily, leaving behind no harmful residue. To provide your landscaping with added protection, we saturate surrounding vegetation with clean water before our cleaning and protect them from excessive exposure to detergents.

When we know we've done a good job giving your fence a deep clean, we rinse everything down with pure water to leave not a single bubble behind us, leaving your backyard safe for your family and pets!

Maintain Relaxing Outdoor Living Spaces With Deck Washing

When you're tidying up your backyard for the spring or summer, don't stop at just fence washing! If you have a deck, porch, or patio, treat it to an A+ cleaning with the help of our deck washing. Whether you've got a wooden deck or a paver patio, our deck washing will help keep it presentable and inviting while warding off deterioration and decay, for a comfortable and welcoming outdoor space your family and friends can truly enjoy.

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