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House Washing To Instantly Improve Your Lenoir Curb Appeal

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A handsome home is a happy home, and there's no better way to quickly spruce up your Lenoir home than with house washing. By using pressurized water and detergents to thoroughly rinse down your sidings, Grime Busters, LLC can quickly rid your home of dirt, grime, and stains to improve its appearance aesthetically and protect its surfaces from the harmful effects of the elements!

While we can do house washing year-round, we recommend most clients try to aim to have theirs done in the spring to wash off the leftover mess from the winter and in the fall to prevent algae and mold spores from the summer from growing in. If you're having your home photographed for a photoshoot or to have it put on the real estate market, a house washing right before is a great way to get an aesthetic boost that'll help it stand out.

Your home is your castle, so treat it as such, and give it a royal treatment with some of the best pressure washing for Lenoir locals. Get in touch with Grime Busters, LLC and request a free quote by either going through the link on our website or calling 828-394-9532.

Exterior Home Surface Cleaning

Good house washing, as with any quality pressure washing service, needs to clean more than what meets the eye. Even when there aren't tons of obvious blemishes staining your sidings, algae and mold spores and bacteria can be gathering around your sidings, waiting to form huge growths and triggering allergies and health problems for the inhabitants. Good house washing needs to promote a healthy environment for both the house itself and the people living inside!

Our house washing involves the use of detergents that don't just remove stains, but also sanitize the area of harmful bacteria and dangerous spores. This keeps algae and mold growth off of your home for longer and can help improve the air quality around your home as well. Our biodegradable detergents are designed for use on residential properties, giving us a way to treat your home to a deep clean that's safe for family and pets alike.

Grime Busters, LLC' Helpful Home Cleaning Services

Grime Busters, LLC is always happy to be of service on our mission to help Lenoir locals keep their homes healthy, happy, and bright. If any of our residential pressure washing services can be of use to you, give us a call today!

  • Deck Washing
  • Driveway Washing
  • Fence Washing
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Sidewalk Cleaning
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