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Soft Wash Roof Cleaning For Complete Lenoir Property Care

Roof cleaning

The roof may be the most challenging part of one's home to clean, especially for homeowners who don't have the training or tools to take on the job. However, if you live in the Lenoir area, there's an easy way to take care of those roof stains, let Grime Busters, LLC handle it with our roof cleaning! The trick to good roof cleaning is precision, care, and time. Our technicians take a gentle soft washing approach to give your shingles a sublime deep cleaning than gets rid of obnoxious stains and improves the health of your roof!

Roof cleaning is essential for the health and longevity of your home. If you need an expert hand in sprucing up those shingles, get in touch with Grime Busters, LLC today and request a free quote by following the link through our website or calling us at 828-394-9532.

Roof Washing

While we may be a go-to team for pressure washing for Lenoir locals, plain old pressure washing isn't all we do. The type of high-pressure, high-intensity pressure washing we'd use to clean brick or concrete won't do when it comes to cleaning your roof. Power washing your shingles won't leave you with a clean surface- it'll leave you with broken shingles and a waterlogged roof! That's why soft washing is a crucial part of a lot of our work, especially roof cleaning. It gives us an effective way to wash delicate areas around your property without putting the surfaces we're cleaning at risk.

Rather than scouring away stains with tough pressure washing, we use a low-PSI, detergent-based shower to carefully work out stains and kill invasive nuisances like algae and mold. Our team works carefully and with high-grade equipment to keep both us and your roof safe as we clean.

Gutter Cleaning

No matter how spotless your shingles may be, your roof isn't fully safe from damage and deterioration if the areas surrounding it our compromised. That's one reason why gutter cleaning is so important. Gutters that are stopped up with waterlogged debris add excess weight to your eaves, trap moisture, promote rusting and decay, give pests and animals a place to set up shop, and overall spell bad news for your roof. Stopped-up gutters also can't route rainwater away from your home properly, leaving your entire home open to water damage.

Like roof cleaning, gutter cleaning is a tricky and tough process. Rather than hauling out the ladder and risking a dangerous climb, give us a call instead. We'll have your gutters and downspouts fully cleaned in no time.

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