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Sidewalk Cleaning & Walkway Washing In Lenoir

Concrete cleaning

When your walkways and sidewalks get stained and slimy, let the Lenoir pressure washing experts at Grime Busters, LLC spray the mess away with our dependable sidewalk cleaning service. You depend on your sidewalks to get you from place to place around your home or your commercial property. However, with regular foot traffic and constant exposure to the elements, mess and debris buildup are inevitable. While it can be tough to clean stains out of hardscaping such as your walkways, the task becomes a lot easier with pressure washing!

Our sidewalk cleaning is a quick and efficient service, usually being completed within an hour or two max (unless working on a very large property. With concentrated cleaning detergents, which are biodegradable and EPA-approved, we can even handle tough stains, such as grease, gum, and red clay.

When locals need good pressure washing for Lenoir sidewalks, they look to Grime Busters, LLC to help. If our sidewalk cleaning service can help your property, give us a call at 828-394-9532 or follow our link online to request a free quote.

Walkway Washing Specialists

Sweeping and even hosing down your sidewalks once or twice a week can prevent the area from getting too messy too quickly. However, when the mess gets ground in and stains set into the surface of your hardscaping, only pressure washing achieves enough intensity to work them out.

How heavy of a washing your sidewalks need depends on what state they're in. If they're just mildly stained, a quick clean-up with a basic detergent should set them right in no time. However, if you have old stains or heavier substances such as paint or gum on your sidewalks, we may need to take a more intense approach. When pressure washing isn't enough, we can heat the water and hit the stains with power washing to really get 'em moving. Either way, we'll do our best to either greatly reduce or altogether eliminate obnoxious stains and other blemishes on your sidewalks.

Hardscape Cleaning Care

Concrete cleaning

Sidewalk cleaning may save your slippery sidewalks, but there's more to the hardscaping around your property than just your walkways. Despite appearing resilient, hardscaping materials like concrete, pavement, and pavers still need regular cleaning to avoid permanent stains and premature cracking or failure from the corrosive effects of chemicals. This is especially true for your driveway, which is often exposed to motor oil, tar, salt, brake fluid, and other mess from the road.

If you're booking us for a sidewalk cleaning service, consider asking for a driveway washing as well. If your porch or patio needs a clean, we'd be glad to be of service there, too. Let us know how we can tidy up your hardscaping today!

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