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Soft Washing: Using Skill & Cleaning Solutions To Gently Care For Lenoir Exteriors

Soft washing

While pressure washing can be an incredibly powerful cleaning technique, we don't always need to crank things up to 11 to get stuff clean. When it comes to cleaning the more delicate features around your Lenoir property, sometimes a gentler approach- soft washing- is the right way to go.

What is soft washing? Essentially, it's just like normal pressure washing, except rather than blasting jets of water at thousands of PSI, we keep our sprays about at or under 1000 PSI. Why do we do this?

Pressure washing is very helpful for cleaning hardscaping, vinyl, or composite surfaces. However, many materials around your exterior can potentially be warped or damaged if cleaned too intensely. When high pressure poses too much of a risk, we ease things up and take the slow and steady approach instead. Some examples of materials more appropriate for soft washing are glass, treated wood, stucco, or shingles.

If you need part of your property cleaned, but are concerned that normal pressure washing may be too much for it, request an assessment and free quote for us. We'll assess the area you want to be cleaned, determine if pressure washing or soft washing is the correct approach, and let you know your options. You can request this free quote by filling out the form on our website or by calling us at 828-394-9532.

The Option For Low & No Pressure Cleaning

Soft washing is already a distinct part of our pressure washing offerings and comes up in several of our set services. Roof cleaning, for example, should only ever be done by soft washing, not normal pressure washing. Many times, depending on what materials a certain siding is made from, we'll choose soft washing over pressure washing for our house washing jobs. Because it's a safe option for treated wood, we often use soft washing for our fence and deck washing jobs as well.

Beyond what we have listed, we can come up with a custom soft washing clean for other areas of your property as well. For example, soft washing is a great way to clean off exterior windows! It's also a swift way to clean off metal, glass, or plastic deck furniture and get your backyard ready for spring. Whatever you need to be cleaned around your home, we can help. We may be a top provider of heavy-duty pressure washing for Lenoir homes, but we love getting the chance to show off our soft side, too.

Commercial Soft Washing

Soft washing has plenty of commercial applications as well. Because soft washing is more delicate than a pressure washing, it's perfect for carefully cleaning delicate detailing and fragile features like awnings, signage, storefront windows, and molding around pillars. It's also a safe way to quickly clean solar panels, which is why we provide a solar panel cleaning service to our commercial clients. From solar panels to window cleaning, give us a call and find out how our soft washing can serve your business today.

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